Artist Spotlight: Fantastic Artwork by Ruben Ireland

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T.o.T5 Cults & Cannibals – part 1

Some occult murderers twist the words of a religion to fit their agenda, and then some just completely invent and make up their own “religion”
Despite cults being a reality as far back as recorded history goes, it was in the ’80s that America began to really fear cults and Satanists more than usual, most likely due to television and movies. However, now that people were more aware of their existence the truth smacked them in the face. There were ritualistic murders, sacrifices, kidnappings, and cannibalism cases everywhere across the country, and the world. The brutality is incomprehensible to most people, but like it or not it was, and still is, a sad reality and unfortunate fact of life.
From mass suicides and self-made “raptures”, or boarding the “mothership”, to sacrificing infants and children to different dieties, and making ritualistic blood sacrifices, the type of crimes commited by these groups know no boundaries. There are still tribes in Africa (wrap your mind around this 100% true fact) that feed children to crocodiles depending on what teeth come in first because that determines if they’re a “demon” or not.. Even ripping them right out of their mother’s arms to do so. Albinos are also often murder because of old stigmas attached to their birth defect. Continue reading T.o.T5 Cults & Cannibals – part 1

Artist Spotlight: The Grim Dark Artwork of Anthony Clarkson

The art of @AntClarkson has a dark child-like innocence mixed with troubled spirits and broken hearts, it’s a familiar, yet uniquely twisted style.
He does original paintings, drawings, and digital art as well as designing for album covers and logos, his own dark take on a “Grim Wonderland” (and in my opinion, every artist should have their take on Wonderland), and he has even done some commissioned work for companies like Marvel comics and Mattel toys. Continue reading Artist Spotlight: The Grim Dark Artwork of Anthony Clarkson

– Welcome to Society and The Dream Machine –

Click and find out what your subconscious mind can create. There’s not a lot of people who have even heard of a dream machine, much less got to use one and here’s your chance. Also, just for some xtra fun I added the Poem/Quote ‘Welcome to Society’ and some trippy psychedelic gifs. Continue reading – Welcome to Society and The Dream Machine –