Gif-Fixation and Videophiles. The Cure of Boredom



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Guaranteed you will not find a better collection of horror/thriller/SciFi shorts anywhere. I found the best of the best, the 4 playlists (around 500 shorts total) include all of the Fewdio, Daywalt, and Bloody Cuts shorts, the full Camera Obscura Series, 2 different contest winners along with the finalists, plus multi-award winners and much more all in 1 fuckin’ place.

The brutal underground “Bootleg Universe” Judge Dredd animated series, Deadpool kills everyone, A tour of the Paris Catacombs, Destino, awesome and weird animated shorts, of course some complete randomness and a lot lot more.wic

Unsolved Mysteries, animals, aliens, paranormal, Insainment💀Music, stand-comedy, funny songs, funny shit, and I’ll keep adding more over time too.

This is a “Page” not a post, so just click the menu and the sidebar comes out with the list of all the Pages. Feel free to come back and watch at your leisure cause it’s all worth checkin’ out.

🔪Hope you Enjoy!🔫

*Graphic Poem* “Almosts”

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I had to put this⬇gif cause it’s hilarious, who hasn’t felt like doin that before lol

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Shorts Playlist 4

Shorts Playlist 3

Shorts Playlist 2
Shorts Playlist 1
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SciFi/Thriller Shorts Playlist


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MSA – Darkness


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Tv/Cartoon Meanings

Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited and Remixed


Music: Insainment –

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“Think about it” Series

Mind Space Apocalypse – @Overkill_MSA

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