Tales of Terror 6 – “Verified” Real Exorcism caught on tape (2014) +PLUS+ Salvador Dali’s exorcism, video from a few years ago 20/20 covered a “real” exorcism, and “The Entity” Hauting attacks of Doris Bither.

Czech church officials have confirmed that the video, shot through a keyhole looking into the church as a group of people perform an exorcism, is genuine.

Catholic Church priest Marek Dunda, also “confirmed” that the alleged exorcism was genuine, but declined to comment further.


Salvador Dali’s alleged exorcism

a S. Dali sculpture given to a Friar Berardi after he exorcised a demon from Dali
Dali’s sculpture of Christ on the Cross is a symbol of “piety filtered by a sense of the paradoxical,” Ginesi explained.

Legend has it that the famous artist Salvador Dali underwent an exorcism performed by his close friend Gabriele Maria Berardiefore he died, Berardi told his friends that Dali had given that cross to him as thanks for performing the exorcism on him. Two art experts have credited Dali with the artwork. The alleged exorcism took place in 1947.

Armando Ginesi found the piece, measuring 60cm by 30cm, among the personal belongings of Gabriele Maria Berardi, a friar who died in 1984, in a storeroom in Rome. 

According to Ginesi, Berardi told friends and relatives he exorcised Dali of a demon in 1947 during a spell in France. 

The reported exorcism took place during a period in which Dali had broken away from surrealism and started producing more realistic works, often with religious imagery.

We are Legion, we are many
“I Am Legion, We Are Many” If you haven’t heard it you should: *Anneliese Michel*

So what is a possession? I can rule out epilepsy for sure, although before modern medicine/science I can understand how seeing someone have a bad seizure could look like some crazy shit was going on, but that doesn’t explain the lasting effects and voices etc. If it was someone that just wanted attention or was faking it for some reason, I think it would be noticeable plus the person performing exorcism would be putting their (and their churches) reputation on the line unless they were some con-man who was also looking for some attention or “fame”, but again I think that would be noticeable.

There are hundreds of videos of obviously fake exorcisms out there. People have even tried to fake the Anneliese Michel exorcism using the audio recording that actually is “real” and out there,  but if you ever see an actual video it is fake. First of all, the technology didn’t even exist at the time, the closest thing to it you’ll find is a slideshow of pictures with audio behind it.

Is it Demons? The Devil? Insanity? Evil? Schizophrenia? Some kind of chemical imbalance in the brain?

I don’t necessarily believe in it, but I don’t automatically call everything a hoax just because I’m afraid of it or don’t understand it. When you consider the fact that right now, we’re basically on a giant ball of water that’s floating around a giant ball of fire in infinite blackness, galaxies, wormholes, black holes, etc. where things we can’t even comprehend happen on a daily basis. It’s hard to just immediately dismiss something. A lot of weird and still unsolved mysteries are out there (and we’ll try to get to them all eventually lol). It’s just really interesting to me, the mind in general is, but it’s a phenomenon that’s shrouded in mystery and the practice of exorcisms, or driving out supposed demons from an individual, has existed since before the beginning of religion itself. Skeptic or believer, or whether you haven’t really thought about exorcisms and just think they make for good horror movies, it is a subject that’s endlessly intriguing.

~If anyone has a theory I’d love to read your comments and I have a couple more REALLY interesting ones in the works too so check back for those~

The practice of exorcising demons from individuals is not confined solely to Roman Catholicism or the Western world. It is performed all around the world by every major religion. Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism all practice their own forms of exorcism.

For instance, Hinduism uses mantras instead of prayers. In Islam, the possessed is healed from the damage, both spiritual and physical, done by the entity who has possessed them. Buddhism sees the invading force as one that is not inherently evil or negative. Rather, the demon is it itself adversely affected by being trapped in a human being.

According to Shen Shi’an, chief editor of the web and library departments at Singapore’s Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, “Buddhist exorcism aims for win-win situations for the involved human and spirit—who are seen as two parties negatively affected by grudges that require peaceful negotiations.


 This isn’t a case of possession, just a quick creepy and unexplained “true” story

If you know anyone that’s been a nurse long enough, ask them if they’ve seen any ghosts or entities or what kind of creepy stuff has happened to them, cause most likely they’ll have at least one good story.

This unexplained picture is from a hospital security camera at a nurses station.
This unexplained picture is from a hospital security camera at a nurses station. Whatever that is could possibly be the “black thing” refered to in this nurse’s story..

A nurse said that one night she was moved to oncology at the hospital she worked at and was given a patient who was passing away and had been unconscious for several days.

At one point during the night the nurse went into the room to check on the patient and they were curled up at the top of the bed scared of something, the patient saw the nurse and yelled, 

“Don’t let them take me! Don’t let them take me!”

The nurse was obviously freaked out by this and asked the patient who was going to take her? And the patient, noticeably terrified, pointed and said

“The black thing up there.”

MindSpaceApocalypse@facebook.jpgThe patient then died moments later.


This next exorcism case was covered by cable news and they talk to psychiatrists as well as the church:

Years ago (2010 I think) the show 20/20 did a special about a girl’s exorcism, there are 4 short videos watch them and see what you think:





*Another Special*

  • Throughout this Russian exorcism you can hear the voice of the priest reciting the prayers of the ritual while the afflicted (tape was labeled a female) person screams in a variety of voices. It is pretty creepy to hear and I would not advise it for people who have a nervous disposition.

The “Real” Haunting and Possession of Doris Bither. Possible case of an Incubus of the violent kind.

wpid-39e8afc1b708f35b78182da8eaf518d10dfbb1c6.gif — An unassuming home in Culver City, California became the site of a vicious demonic attack during the early ’70s. Doris Blither, a single mom with four children and a troubled past, claimed she was being violently raped by ghosts. A team of paranormal researchers, Dr. Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor, later investigated the claims. They were skeptical, but observed a series of strange phenomenon (bruising, orbs, unexplained activity) that became part of an extensive report.

Actual Photo Taken of Doris
Actual Photo Taken of Doris

Author Frank De Felitta used Taff and Gaynor’s findings as the basis for his book, The Entity. Barbara Hershey starred in the film adaptation of the same name in 1983. In 2009, Doris’ son Brian Harris, who was 10 years old when the demonic activity was taking place, spoke about the attacks…

Doris Bither
Doris Bither

She said:

“The whole rape thing was real. My room was right next door to my mother’s. I would hear the attacks happening. Things being thrown, her screaming. Then she would come out of the bedroom and have all these bruises. On her legs, her inner thighs. There were times were we would see it happen in front of us. It was like if a man was standing in front of my mother and would start to beat her. Imagine a woman being beaten. You could see her being picked up and thrown around. Sounds, slaps… but there was no one there to actually do it. We all felt it too. pulling, biting and scratching… we were all attacked.”

The House where it all took place.
The House where it all took place.

Doris and her family eventually left the home. Future residents reported no strange activity, but Doris claimed the spectral rapist still haunted her, influencing her thoughts. She also believed she was impregnated by one of the invisible attackers.

One strange thing to note about the film: Doris’ teenage son experienced an attack in which he was thrown, and his arm was broken. The actor playing the boy, David Labiosa, actually broke his arm while filming the same situation for the movie.



In 1974, this little yellow house (now, whatever color ⬆ that is) was the site of one of the most violent and terrifying hauntings in history. The August 22, 1974 in Culver City, California, researchers Kerry Gaynor and Barry Taff were giving a lecture at a local bookstore on paranormal research. They were approached by a woman about 30 years old named Doris Bither who lived in a small house with her family. Bither overheard the men talking about paranormal activity, and claimed that her home was haunted. In a subsequent interview with investigators, she told them that she had spirits in her home, beings known for producing banging on the walls, strange voices, mysterious lights, and perhaps the most frightening, also claimed to have been brutally beaten and savagely raped by extremely violent, invisible forces. Taff and Gaynor initially disbelieved Doris, citing the commonly occurring phenomena of sleep paralysis as her diagnosis. However, the two changed their minds when witnesses to the events began to come forward, several of which were family members who had actually seen Doris being tossed through the air like a rag doll. In one instance, Doris’ son attempted to intervene when he heard screaming and was throw across the room, breaking his arm.  While Taff and Gaynor performed the first investigation of the home, they noticed that the house lights flickered occasionally, but didn’t expect what happened next.  During the first interview conducted with Doris’ teenage son in the kitchen, the cabinets were flung open, pots and pans fell violently without anyone touching them, and everyone became suddenly aware of some kind of presence in the bedroom. The numerous photographs taken with a Polaroid camera refused to develop properly, instead producing sheets of white fuzz.  Doris was immediately removed from the house, and to the astonishment of the investigators, the bizarre phenomena disappeared and pictures taken with the same camera and the same film cassette functioned normally once again. The investigation lasted ten weeks, during which Doris described horrific encounters with numerous beings, one being a kind of huge humanoid which she referred to as “The Entity”, and two smaller beings that accompanied it and helped hold her down during attacks.  In perhaps the famous report, more than 30 researchers were present as Doris attempted to summon the spirits into her bedroom. Equipped with recording material, Doris began to curse and yell at the spirits. To the surprise of many, strange lights began to appear around the room. A greenish fog began to form in the corner, swirling and growing. Within seconds, the shape of a man’s upper torso began to manifest through the fog. Many witnesses claimed it was a male entity, very big and muscular but without a face. One researcher fainted after seeing the incredible phenomenon. Of course, recording cameras failed and only managed to capture the image of what appears to be an arc of light floating in the middle of the room.  At the end of the investigation, the researchers recommended that Doris move because of how bad the situation had become. Bither and her family took the advice, and went to live in Texas, maintaining contact with the researchers. Unfortunately, the attacks did not disappear, and Doris continued being brutally assaulted. Eventually, Doris Bither disappeared with her family, shying away from the limelight gained by the release of the book and film written about her experiences. However, in recent times, some of the children have confirmed everything that happened in the house in Culver City, and even added an unexpected twist to the story. While living in San Bernardino, Doris said she was pregnant with The Entity’s child. Today, the little yellow house still stands in Culver City.


Barry Taff: “Contrary to what many people believe, the case of Doris Bither, that later became the novel and motion picture The Entity, was not, in my professional opinion, the result of spectral rape, .a.k.a. spectrophilia, but a rather disturbingly real poltergeist outbreak.   Unfortunately, the amassed data on the case does not in any way support ghostly sex, but back in the mid-1970’s in my mid-20’s, such a notion was intriguing to say the least.

The passage of almost four decades and the experience of thousands of more cases, have provided this author with a rather unique perspective regarding such experiences and claims.  Remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and while there was plenty of evidence that we were dealing with real paranormal phenomena, it very likely had nothing whatsoever to do with incorporeal sex, except in the minds of Doris and her children.

Doris was very evasive and somewhat cryptic regarding her background, so much so that she refused to even tell us her age, which we knew was older than ours, but not by how many years.  Had we pushed Doris hard to reveal more about her hellish past, such efforts on our part might have pushed us right off the case.

Had we even attempted to secure the type of background information we currently collect, such as medical, psychological, family psychodynamics, prescribed medications (names of meds, dosage and duration) as well as recreational drugs and alcohol usage, Doris would surely have shown us the door from the outset.  We had no way of knowing just how utterly disturbing of a life she really had led: disowned by her family as a young teenager and cast out to fend for herself.

It’s fascinating the way time has a way of providing answers to those who wait.  Some years ago, I was contacted by Javier Ortega from Ghost Theory.com to interview me on The Entity case.  Somewhat later, Javier also interviewed one of Doris Bither’s sons, Brian Harris.

Brian spoke to Javier of how his mother was banished by her family while still a teenage due to her rambunctious lifestyle and rebellious nature.  How his mom started playing with Ouija Boards and séances at very early age, finally mixing such with drugs and alcohol to quell the irritable psyche within her.

Brian’s interview was disturbing at many levels in that he continuously contradicted himself in terms of his responses to all questions asked of him, certainly damaging his credibility as a witness.  It was not until Javier interviewed Doris’s other two sons that he learned that Brian was a chip off the old mother’s block in terms of drinking and drugs.  However, some of his statements were supported by corroborative testimony by his brothers.

According to Doris’s other sons, there were subtle amounts of paranormal phenomena present long before she moved onto Braddock Drive in Culver City, California.  They spoke of some psychokinetic events and even the occasional apparition, although I would never refer to such an occurrence as subtle.

However, not long after Doris moved from Santa Monica to Culver City, a strange Hispanic woman appeared at her door warning that her house was a bad or evil dwelling.  When Doris asked what the lady was talking about, the mysterious lady simply walked away without further explanation.  Shortly thereafter, Doris was beset with the paranormal attacks.  Was there a connection, in that the unknown lady knew something ugly about that particular ramshackle tinderbox Doris now lived in, or was this just a coincidence?  We’ll never really know unless we find that woman, some thirty-seven years later.

Currently, Javier is in the final stages of writing a book about Doris Bither and The Entity case from the perspective of her three male children, which begins long before we made her acquaintance in the summer of 1974.  Such detailed information may help us further clarify exactly what occurred and why, some 37 years ago.  Although, as it appears that Doris is not available to further study, we must deal with the somewhat fragmented memories of her children.

ENTITY-2-ARCSENTITY-DORIS-ARC7Doris Bither (The Entity case) framed by a luminous anomaly (1974)

According to Doris’s son’s, she passed away in 1999 at the tender young age of 58 from respiratory failure, and as such we’ll never really know if Doris fit the longitudinal pattern that has emerged in this type of parapsychological research strongly indicating a link between poltergeist activity and epilepsy/seizure prone individuals coupled with anomalous electromagnetic/geomagnetic environments.

It would have been really interesting to have given Doris a full neurophysiological medical workup combined with taking environmental electromagnetic and geomagnetic measurements.  Odds are, that such data collection would have revealed the true nature of what was really going on here.

Due to the fame or infamy this case gathered over time, there’s an incredible amount of misinformation and disinformation circulating about what did and did not actually occur back in 1974-5.  There has even been erroneous scuttlebutt pertaining to when Doris died, to the point where many mistook the death of Barry Conrad’s ex-girlfriend, Lisa McIntosh in 2006, as that of Doris Bither.

There have also been many people who have claimed that they were part of our lab and were also part of our investigation of this case.  There were only three names formally associated with this case, one being Kerry Gaynor, my associate at the time, Dr. Thelma Moss, the head of our former UCLA parapsychology lab (who only visited the site on one occasion), and yours truly.

During the last three decades I can think of at least ten different people who’ve claimed to have worked with us on this case.  Some of them I’ve never even met and would not even know if standing next to in a room.  Over those many years, people in other states have even claimed that The Entity case occurred in their own backyard, not here in a suburb of Los Angeles.  Put simply, they’re all lying or emotionally disturbed.

In recent years. several others have surfaced, who were even more blatant and deceptive in the claims.  One of them has recently been boasting to have worked in our lab, where we were allegedly training him as a medium to work for the U.S. government when he was well under eighteen years of age at the time.  This man is either a seriously disgusting opportunist, delusional or just psychotic.

Neither our lab, nor the U.S. government, has ever trained anyone as mediums, and we were not even allowed to work with anyone under the age of eighteen due to the university’s Human Use Committee regulations.  Such people should at least check their historical facts before pontificating.

More recently, a psychopathic woman has appeared on the scene who has been attempting to take credit for every case on the book, such as the one mentioned in chapter three (“A Hazardous Haunting”) of my book as well as The Entity case.  You can read more about this criminally insane excuse of a human female on this site at “A Demon’s Lair”.  This is one seriously frightening person to be around.  If one needs to chase a demon, there’s one just waiting for you in La Crescenta.  But beware; your valuables might mysteriously disappear while in her presence.  Trust me on this, as this paranormal predator has stolen very large sums of money from her her benefactor (the man she lives with).  Spend time with her at your own risk.  This is not a joke.

As there are no academic credentials required for anyone to go out and investigate the paranormal as they try emulating the garbage they’ve seen on cable TV paranormal reality shows, every uneducated and ignorant new age groupie is out there looking for demons.  Like I just said, there’s one in La Crescenta waiting to be captured and disposed of.  What are you waiting for?

To fully comprehend the possibility that a living person’s subconscious mind can involuntarily generate such power as to manifest luminous anomalies, apparitions and macroscopic psychokinetic events, is for me, far more compelling than if a discarnate intelligence was responsible.”

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