Tales of Terror 6 – “Verified” Real Exorcism caught on tape (2014) +PLUS+ Salvador Dali’s exorcism, video from a few years ago 20/20 covered a “real” exorcism, and “The Entity” Hauting attacks of Doris Bither.

Czech church officials have confirmed that the video, shot through a keyhole looking into the church as a group of people perform an exorcism, is genuine.

Catholic Church priest Marek Dunda, also “confirmed” that the alleged exorcism was genuine, but declined to comment further.


Salvador Dali’s alleged exorcism

a S. Dali sculpture given to a Friar Berardi after he exorcised a demon from Dali
Dali’s sculpture of Christ on the Cross is a symbol of “piety filtered by a sense of the paradoxical,” Ginesi explained.

Legend has it that the famous artist Salvador Dali underwent an exorcism performed by his close friend Gabriele Maria Berardiefore he died, Berardi told his friends that Dali had given that cross to him as thanks for performing the exorcism on him. Two art experts have credited Dali with the artwork. The alleged exorcism took place in 1947.

Armando Ginesi found the piece, measuring 60cm by 30cm, among the personal belongings of Gabriele Maria Berardi, a friar who died in 1984, in a storeroom in Rome. 

According to Ginesi, Berardi told friends and relatives he exorcised Dali of a demon in 1947 during a spell in France. 

The reported exorcism took place during a period in which Dali had broken away from surrealism and started producing more realistic works, often with religious imagery.

We are Legion, we are many
“We are Legion, We are many If you haven’t heard it you definitely should: *Anneliese Michel*

So what is a possession? I can rule out epilepsy for sure, although before modern medicine/science I can understand how seeing someone have a bad seizure could look like some crazy shit was going on, but that doesn’t explain the lasting effects and voices etc. If it was someone that just wanted attention or was faking it for some reason, I think it would be noticeable plus the person performing exorcism would be putting their (and their churches) reputation on the line unless they were some con-man who was also looking for some attention or “fame”, but again I think that would be noticeable. 

There are hundreds of videos of obviously fake exorcisms out there. People have even tried to fake the Anneliese Michel exorcism using the audio recording that actually is “real” and out there,  but if you ever see an actual video it is fake. First of all, the technology didn’t even exist at the time, the closest thing to it you’ll find is a slideshow of pictures with audio behind it.

*If you didn’t see T.o.T 1 and hear the Anneliese Michel tape, you really should check it out.*

Is it Demons? The Devil? Insanity? Evil? Schizophrenia? Some kind of chemical imbalance in the brain?

I don’t necessarily believe in it, but when you consider the fact that right now we’re on a giant ball of water that’s floating around a giant ball of fire in infinite blackness, galaxies, wormholes, black holes, etc. if I didn’t know better I’d think that was total bullshit so it’s hard to just immediately dismiss something. A lot of weird and still unsolved mysteries are out there (and we’ll try to get to them all eventually lol). It’s just really interesting to me, the mind in general is, but it’s a phenomenon that’s shrouded in mystery and the practice of exorcisms, or driving out supposed demons from an individual, has existed since the beginning of religion itself. Skeptic or believer, or whether you haven’t really thought about exorcisms and just think they make for good horror movies, it is a subject that’s endlessly intriguing.

~If anyone has a theory I’d love to read your comments and I have a couple more REALLY interesting ones in the works too so check back for those~

The practice of exorcising demons from individuals is not confined solely to Roman Catholicism or the Western world. It is performed all around the world by every major religion. Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism all practice their own forms of exorcism.

For instance, Hinduism uses mantras instead of prayers. In Islam, the possessed is healed from the damage, both spiritual and physical, done by the entity who has possessed them. Buddhism sees the invading force as one that is not inherently evil or negative. Rather, the demon is it itself adversely affected by being trapped in a human being.

According to Shen Shi’an, chief editor of the web and library departments at Singapore’s Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, “Buddhist exorcism aims for win-win situations for the involved human and spirit—who are seen as two parties negatively affected by grudges that require peaceful negotiations.


 This isn’t a case of possession, just a quick creepy and unexplained “true” story

If you know anyone that’s been a nurse long enough, ask them if they’ve seen any ghosts or entities or what kind of creepy stuff has happened to them, cause most likely they’ll have at least one good story.

This unexplained picture is from a hospital security camera at a nurses station.
This unexplained picture is from a hospital security camera at a nurses station. Whatever that is could possibly be the “black thing” refered to in this nurse’s story..

A nurse said that one night she was moved to oncology at the hospital she worked at and was given a patient who was passing away and had been unconscious for several days.

At one point during the night the nurse went into the room to check on the patient and they were curled up at the top of the bed scared of something, the patient saw the nurse and yelled, 

“Don’t let them take me! Don’t let them take me!”

The nurse was obviously freaked out by this and asked the patient who was going to take her? And the patient, noticeably terrified, pointed and said

“The black thing up there.”

MindSpaceApocalypse@facebook.jpgThe patient then died moments later.


This next exorcism case was covered by cable news and they talk to psychiatrists as well as the church:

Years ago (2010 I think) the show 20/20 did a special about a girl’s exorcism, there are 4 short videos watch them and see what you think:






  • Throughout this Russian exorcism you can hear the voice of the priest reciting the prayers of the ritual while the afflicted (I can not tell if it is a male or female) person screams in a variety of voices. It is quite horrifying to listen to and I would not advise it for people who have a nervous disposition.

The “Real” Haunting and Possession of Doris Bither. Possible case of an Incubus of the violent kind.

wpid-39e8afc1b708f35b78182da8eaf518d10dfbb1c6.gif — An unassuming home in Culver City, California became the site of a vicious demonic attack during the early ’70s. Doris Blither, a single mom with four children and a troubled past, claimed she was being violently raped by ghosts. A team of paranormal researchers, Dr. Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor, later investigated the claims. They were skeptical, but observed a series of strange phenomenon (bruising, orbs, unexplained activity) that became part of an extensive report.

Actual Photo Taken of Doris
Actual Photo Taken of Doris

Author Frank De Felitta used Taff and Gaynor’s findings as the basis for his book, The Entity. Barbara Hershey starred in the film adaptation of the same name in 1983. In 2009, Doris’ son Brian Harris, who was 10 years old when the demonic activity was taking place, spoke about the attacks…

Doris Bither
Doris Bither

She said:

“The whole rape thing was real. My room was right next door to my mother’s. I would hear the attacks happening. Things being thrown, her screaming. Then she would come out of the bedroom and have all these bruises. On her legs, her inner thighs. There were times were we would see it happen in front of us. It was like if a man was standing in front of my mother and would start to beat her. Imagine a woman being beaten. You could see her being picked up and thrown around. Sounds, slaps… but there was no one there to actually do it. We all felt it too. pulling, biting and scratching… we were all attacked.”

The House where it all took place.
The House where it all took place.

Doris and her family eventually left the home. Future residents reported no strange activity, but Doris claimed the spectral rapist still haunted her, influencing her thoughts. She also believed she was impregnated by one of the invisible attackers.

One strange thing to note about the film: Doris’ teenage son experienced an attack in which he was thrown, and his arm was broken. The actor playing the boy, David Labiosa, actually broke his arm while filming the same situation for the movie.

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