T.o.T. #Rituals #Games prt.2 and Contacting Spirits

Some of these rituals are older than you are, so whether you believe or not, just play with caution and respect.
image If demons, evil entities, or ghosts are real do you want to be the one to find out the hard way? Any time you open doors or lines of communication with other worlds, the unknown, or other planes of existence it can be dangerous especially if not done right or completed so be sure to finish it if you do start. Plus, your superstition could get the better of you after you do the ritual in the sense that every noise you hear or shadow you see out of the corner of your eye might start to freak you out. The attention you give them and fear you show them the more powerful they become.
Look at Slenderman for example,
even though it was a known made-up story from the internet it took on a life of it’s own, leading to countless teenage suicides and even murders. So don’t go insane messing with this shit.


Baby Blue
The ‘legend’ of Baby Blue goes as follows:
Baby Blue was a baby, his mother (who was psychotic) murdered him. She shattered a mirror and stabbed him with one of the shards of glass. No one knows what his real name was. The legend of Blue baby blue is a lot like Bloody Mary, it takes place in a bathroom and for the ‘ritual’ you need a mirror.
Will you find Blue Baby Blue tonight?
image You enter the bathroom (as with Bloody Mary, go with a friend as to not freak yourself out) and fog up the mirror. Do this however you like, turning on hot water is quite effective. When the mirror is successfully fogged, you write “Baby Blue” in the ‘fog’. Then you should turn off the light and wait for a few moments. After a minute or two you hold out your arms as if you were carrying a baby. You or your friend will feel like a baby has been placed in your arms. You should hold the ‘baby’ for a while and then pass him to the next person. WATCH OUT though, if you drop him you will receive a scratch on your arm, drop him again and you’ll get a worse scratch, drop him a third time and he’ll stab you to death with a piece of glass.
There is also another version of the story. In this version, you enter the bathroom with the lights off.
You should say the phrase

“Baby Blue, Blue Baby”

over and over for thirteen goes whilst pretending to rock a baby.
As you finish chanting, a baby will appear in your arms and scratch you. If this happens, immediately drop it and run out of the bathroom as quick as you can otherwise a woman will appear, scream


, and if you’re still holding her baby then she will kill you with a piece of glass.
The Closet

At one time or another we’ve all been afraid of something in our closet, whether it’s the bogeyman, a scary monster, or whatever frightened you as a child.
How many of you still make sure that your closet door is closed when you go to bed each night?
Still a little bit afraid of what *might* be hiding in there, waiting to claim you as a victim when you’re asleep and unprotected?
The Closet Game is a paranormal urban legend that takes our natural fears of the closet and the dark to the next level.
The Closet Game may also have you summon a demon into your home.
The Closet Game is simple and only takes a few minutes as long as you can remember a brief set of instructions.
Before you start playing, make sure that it’s dark outside and you can safely stand inside of your closet while the door is closed. Some of you may need to do a little bit of cleaning while you’re in there.
*You’ll need some matches
– How to play the Closet Game:
1) Some time at night, take the book of matches into your bedroom. Turn off the light and step into your closet. Do NOT turn on the closet’s light at any point in this ritual.
2) Shut the closet’s door, face it, and stand still for TWO MINUTES. No talking during this period.
3) Hold a match in front of you and say out loud,

“Show me the light or leave me in darkness”

4) Listen carefully. Do NOT turn around. If you hear anything, quickly light the match. Failure to light the match fast enough after hearing whispering *may* result in a demon grabbing you from behind and dragging you into its realm of darkness.
5) Keep the match lit while you’re in the closet. If it goes out then quickly light a second one.
6) While holding the lit match in front of you, slowly open the closet door and step out of it. Close the door behind you. Do NOT turn around and look behind you into the closet.
NOTE: If you heard the whispering or the match lit on its own, then you have a demon in your closet. If you leave the closet door open at night with the lights off, then you may see a pair of eyes watching you. There are two obvious warnings with this ritual. First, always exercise extreme caution when playing with matches and using fire. Homes, rooms, and their contents tend to be very flammable. Improperly using a lit or recently used match could result in a fire. Be extremely careful with your matches! Second, if this ritual works then you’ll be inviting a demon into your home.
This is a similar effect to improperly using a Ouija board or other ritual or portal into the next world. Demons can easily possess weak minds and unskilled people. A demon inside of your home can also lead to unpleasant feelings, hateful attitudes, bad luck, and generally make your life a living hell.
If in doubt, do NOT mess with demons. These evil creatures have existed for thousands of years. Do NOT screw with them, taunt, or provoke them.
The Staircase
The Staircase Ritual is not quite an exorcism, but if you’ve got something weird going on in your home, it’ll help contain it and at least banish it to the first floor. You’ll have to face it eventually though.
As always, play at your own risk.
You’ll need:
1 staircase with no fewer than 11 steps, but no more than 16. A staircase with 12 or 13 steps is ideal.
1 small, portable, battery-operated fan.
1 glass of water.
1 handful of dirt.
1 candle.
Matches or a lighter.
As old a picture of you home, or the land on which your home currently stands, as you can find.
And the most recent picture of your home/land as it is today.
1 pair of six-sided dice.
2 timekeeping devices. Analog is preferable, but digital will work in a pinch.
1 food offering. It must be an animal or animal byproduct.
1 mirror.
1 handful of ash.
2 to 3 “dust bunnies.”
1 insect
1 fingernail, lock of hair, or other token plucked from your own body. (DO NOT use blood)
1 sharp object, preferably made of silver.

– Instructions –
image The Prelude:
Begin in the afternoon. Make note of the precise time at which you commence.
Stand at the bottom of the staircase. Speak aloud the words,

“It is from here henceforth I shall commence.”

On the first step, place the small fan. Recite,
“Here is the air that mortal breathes.”
On the second step, place the glass of water. Recite,
“Here is the water that mortal drinks.”
On the third step, spread the handful of dirt, covering as much of the step as possible. Recite,
“Here is the earth on which mortal stands.”
On the fourth step, place the unlit candle, laying the matches or lighter next to it. Recite,
“Here is the fire that burns mortal hands”
On the fifth step, place the old picture of your home. Recite,
“Here is the time that has come to pass.”
On the sixth step, place the current picture of your home and roll the dice beside it. Recite,
“Here is the present and the die is cast.”
On the seventh step, place one of your timekeeping devices. Recite,
“Here comes the future, the time ticks by now.”
On the eighth step, place your food offering. Recite,
“Here is the offering for Devil’s mouth.”
On the ninth step, hold out the mirror and say
“Here is my image, in God’s likeness I trust.”
*NOTE: This phrase must be repeated word for word and without hesitation, regardless as to the religion of the principal.
On the tenth step, place the handful of ash and the dust bunnies. Recite,
“Here is mortality, ashes and dust.”
On the eleventh step, place your insect. It must be alive, and it must not be able to escape. Recite,
“Here is a life I present unto thee.”
On the twelfth step, place the token from your body. Recite,
“And here is the essence extracted from me.”
On the final step or landing, draw a line of salt. Recite,
“No further than here.”
Leave your objects in place on the staircase overnight.
Do NOT proceed if anything seems amiss the next day (see: Additional Notes). If all is well, however, proceed as follows:
The Main Event:
Evacuate all occupants of the house except the main player. Gather up your sharp object and your second timekeeping device. Keep these items with you at all times.
Begin at the precise time you commenced the Prelude. Stand the bottom of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move.
After an hour has passed, mount the first step and turn on the fan. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the second hour has passed, mount the second step. Drink the entire glass of water. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the third hour has passed, mount the third step, making sure both of your feet are in or on the dirt spread across it. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the fourth hour has passed, mount the fourth step. Take up the lighter or matches and light the candle. Make sure it does not go out. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the fifth hour has passed, mount the fifth step. Use the candle from the fourth step to burn the old picture of your home. Once the picture is unrecognizable or burned completely to ash, blow the candle out. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
NOTE: It may be helpful to hold the candle during step 6 and carry it with you to step 7. At NO POINT should you turn around or look behind you.
After the sixth hour has passed, mount the sixth step. Take up the current picture of your home and rip it as many times as indicated by the roll of the dice, but do not allow it to fall to pieces. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the seventh hour has passed, mount the seventh step. Turn the clock forward as many hours as indicated by the roll of the dice on the previous step. Do NOT turn the clock backwards. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.image
After the eighth hour has passed, mount the eighth step. Take a bite of the food offering and swallow it. Do NOT allow your face to betray any dislike or disgust. Show as much enjoyment as you can. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the ninth hour ends, mount the ninth step. Pick up the mirror and look into it, focusing on your own face. Do NOT look at anything other than your face, no matter what might try to catch your eye. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the tenth hour has passed, smash the mirror and mount the tenth step. Use your sharp object to bring forth a fresh drop of your blood. Allow the drop to fall on the pile of ashes and dust. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the eleventh hour has passed, mount the eleventh step. Kill the insect. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the twelfth hour has passed, mount the twelfth step. Take up the token plucked from your body and swallow it whole. Face the top of the staircase. Plant your feet. Do not move. Do not turn around or look behind you.
After the thirteenth hour has passed, mount the final step. Keep your sharp object close and turn around. Good luck.
Additional Notes:
The instructions detailed here are designed for a home in which the occupants sleep on the second floor. If, however, you sleep on the first floor, simply reverse the instructions, that is, begin the ritual on the top step and work your way towards the bottom, rather than starting at the bottom and working your way to the top.

If you do not have a staircase, you may still perform the ritual using a long hallway. In the case of a hallway, mark the division between each ‘step’ at regular intervals with a line of salt. Not NOT perform this ritual in a room. Do NOT perform it outside. Do NOT perform it in any small, enclosed spaces.
The Main Event does not necessarily have to be performed on the day immediately following the Prelude, but it’s recommended that it be performed as soon as possible. The more trips you or any other occupants of your home take up or down the staircase, the weaker the twelve obstacles in place will become; furthermore, depending on the strength of your unwelcome guest, they may not hold for more than a few nights to begin with.
If, after the Prelude, you return to the staircase to find any of the objects disturbed, do NOT proceed. Similarly, if you wake during the night or have nightmares while you sleep, do NOT proceed.
If anything out of the ordinary occurs between the time when you complete the Prelude and begin the Main Event, DO NOT PROCEED. Instead, perform the following –
Abort the Ritual:
Place a ring of salt around each item on the staircase, around your bed, and around the bed of any other occupants in your home. Leave them overnight. In the morning, remove the objects from your home.
Destroy them by any means necessary.
Dark Reflection
Like other games and rituals we’ve looked at here, the Dark Reflection Ritual relies heavily on the use of mirrors. But according to its lore, bad luck doesn’t follow the person who breaks a mirror; rather, the negative energy stays focused in the area in which the mirror was broken, gradually dissipating over time. Of course, the rules change if you break a mirror specifically for the purposes of performing this ritual, that’s when misfortune will start following you around. But if you manage to survive a night of the worst luck you can imagine, there’s gold to be found on the other side, a reversal of luck so dramatic that those who have completed it successfully claim it’s well worth the risk.
Do you believe in demons? Either way I’m sure you don’t want to meet one so as always, play at your own risk.
This can be played alone or in a group.
You’ll need:
A mirror. (It may be of any type or shape; its only necessary quality is that it be a mirror you are willing to break.)
A candle.
Matches or a lighter.
– Instructions –
Act I:
Begin after sunset, but no less than six hours until dawn.
Take up your mirror and look your reflection in the eye for three to five seconds, focusing your attention on the negative energy held within the mirror. Then hold the glass up to your face and anoint it with your breath – that is, breathe onto it so the mirror fogs up.
Repeat this step for as many players as there are in the group, with each player performing the step in its entirety once.
After all players have successfully anointed the mirror with their breath, light the candle with your matches or lighter and hold it to the mirror’s surface.
Once the candle has blackened a small portion of the glass, remove the candle and extinguish it.
Break the mirror, releasing the negative energy.
Leave the pieces of broken mirror where they are and evacuate the area immediately.
Act II:
Bad luck will proceed to follow you throughout the night. Incidents will likely begin small, but will grow in severity as the evening wears on. Your survival is dependent on your state of alertness; there are no rules to follow or actions to perform that will guarantee your safety. The only pieces of advice which may be given are the following:
Stay vigilant;
And should you find yourself in a particularly threatening situation, hold your breath for as long as you can.
Act III:
Should you survive the night unscathed, your luck will perform an abrupt about-face with the arrival of the first light of dawn: Your bad luck will end, and a streak of good fortune will begin.
Additional Notes:
Although the only necessary quality for the mirror to possess is that it be one that you are willing to break, other qualities may also be worth considering. For example: How old is the mirror? Both the risk and the reward of this ritual depend on how old the mirror is. An older mirror which has seen many gazes will hold more negative energy; accordingly, the strength and duration of your good luck during and after and Act III will be greater. However, the danger during Act II will be greater as well. Proceed with caution.
Do you have a personal connection to it? A mirror which has a personal connection to you or one into which you have looked image frequently prior to the commencement of the ritual, like one from your bedroom or bathroom, some say it can help with your good fortune and desires. But same with your bad luck, it will know your fears.
There is no specific location in which this ritual is best performed; however, it is NOT recommended that it be conducted at your place of residence. It is much easier to run from negative energy if you haven’t gone and released it within the walls of your own home.
Although this ritual may be performed by only one principal, it is best conducted by a group. The reason for this recommendation goes back to the idea of there being strength in numbers: If only one player performs the ritual, the negative energy released during Act I will have only one person to follow. The more players there are, the thinner the negative energy will have to spread itself as it tracks you down.
Anointing the mirror with your breath in Act I connects the negative energy within the mirror to you. Holding your breath in the face of the bad luck following you during Act II will not prevent it from reaching you entirely, but it will buy you a few moments to get out of a dangerous situation if needed.
You MUST begin the ritual during the window of time indicated in the instructions. Beginning too close to dawn will not allow the negative energy brought forth from the mirror to fully manifest before the light of the sun purifies it; and more dangerously, beginning during the day allows the negative energy released by the ritual more time to dog your steps. It is not the light of day that will purify the energy, it is specifically the light of dawn.
A Final Note:
There is no way to halt this ritual once it has begun. Do NOT begin it unless you plan on finishing it.
image Guide to Summoning Spirits for Halloween: Summoning and otherwise contacting spirits is very popular around Halloween.  Seances and spellcasting is very popular among teenagers, usually.  So here’s a guide for you:

First of all, don’t.  I know it seems like fun and it’s unlikely it will even work, and nothing will probably happen.  But consider this:  What if it does?  Are you prepared to deal with a confused or even vengeful spirit that’s been waiting for an opportunity to crossover and you just invited it into your house?  Are you ready? Then proceed with caution.
Now that you’ve made the totally responsible decision to ignore step one and do the thing anyway, take some precautions. Prepare a way to cleanse the house afterwards.  Burying your ouija board in salt, holy water, certain crystals and knowledge of how to do a crystal grid cleansing, a smoke cleansing stick, or a big hand drum and knowledge of sound cleansing. image Now that you did that – and I really hope you did that – make a circle, this is your “safe-zone” so stay in it.  I would make the circle with salt, you can draw a line on the floor in chalk then add salt.  And some add an even number of 4 or more candles around the circle too. Don’t use salt if you’re outside, use something else, like rosemary or the crystals to draw the circle because not only can the wind blow it away, but salt also kills plants and it’s generally just not good to leave a bunch of salt outside.  Make sure you’ve got this circle then remove negative energy and charge it with the power to contain your ritual by concentrating/focusing on the situation and stating what you’re going to do.  It needs to be pretty big so you can do the stuff inside it with all the participants.  Bring all your stuff inside the circle before drawing/charging it.  You can also make it with crystals, like quartz. Now that your circle is cast, hold hands sitting in a circle, close your eyes and go ahead and contact the spirits. Since you’re not doing something that you can hold or easily see because your mind isn’t used to comprehending this shit, concentration and focus is key as you’re dealing with energy and the non-physical. Don’t fall asleep while doing this either and if stuff does start to happen: Don’t get too attached to the spirit, they’re liars and will prey on your feelings or fear or whatever it thinks it can to manipulate you, if you think you’re talking to your grandma chances are you’re not (think Insidious) so stay authoritative and don’t empathize with it or what it says. You don’t know what the fuck you summoned.
image That shit could be a nice little ghost who just wants to chat or it could be a soul-stealing being of pure-evil that will posses you and/or try to kill you, your pets, and family. They’re masters of deceit and enjoy tricking you, that’s just what they do.  If nothing happens, don’t say fuck this and just leave, close your circle and do your cleansing anyway.  You might have released something or left a “door” open.  Plus doing a cleansing can’t hurt and could be positive anyway. If it’s going down and starts to get too heavy, shut it down. You can’t just cry and run away, show no fear stand your ground and tell it to fuck off kind of like how they say to act if you come across a mountain lion or wild animal, and send the spirits away by “ordering” it to leave, closing your circle, and cleansing immediately. I also read that witch hazel can help, like putting a drop in each corner of the room. Cleanse your entire house and cleanse yourself. Attempt at your own risk and try not to get killed, haunted, or possessed. If you wake up in jail covered in blood, you didn’t read this here.

“Make sure to ground yourself and energetically clear the room before attempting to make contact with spirit. Grounding yourself involves visualizations in which you release all negative energy from your body while at the same time drawing down into your body divine energy from God. To clear a room or space, visualize that space as gradually filling with brilliant white divine Light. Make sure the light spills everywhere and covers all four corners of the space and then build the Light until the entire room is filled with it, side to side and top to bottom.
Being under the influence when attempting spirit communication allows all sorts of energies in, especially those attracted to the lower vibration attached to intoxication. Those spirits may be mischievous or even malicious and can cause us far more trouble than we ever anticipated.
Avoid spirit communication when feeling negative, imbalanced or unhappy. We attract what we are, so when we are unhappy or negative when working with spirits we will attract those same kinds of energies to us. Learn to see your moods as actual frequencies; signals you emit at a certain vibration which in turn draw back to you energies and entities existing in the same frequency. If your frequency is that of love, you will attract loving entities back to you. Likewise, if your frequency is that of negativism, you will attract negative entities to you.
Avoid contacting spirits when you are fatigued or exhausted.
Being overly tired makes you physically vulnerable and less in touch with what is going on. When we are fatigued or exhausted it is easier to misread energies and misunderstand messages. In other words, it is easier for us to do it wrong and to get it wrong. Be well rested and physically sound before attempting to work with spirits.”

The Bath
Daruma-san, also known as The Bath Game, is probably best described as a deadly version of Red Light, Green Light. After the initial summoning ritual has been performed, it follows the basic rules of a Japanese children’s game called Darumasan ga Koronda. literally, “The Daruma doll fell down.” The player “it,” while Daruma-san attempts to catch “it.” But if Daruma-san catches you.. well, let’s just say you should never, EVER let that happen.
Curiously, Daruma or Dharma dolls are traditionally symbols of good luck. The Daruma-san of this game, however, seems not to carry the same good luck as her namesake.
As always, play at your own risk.
You’ll need:
1 bathroom with a bathtub.
NOTE: A shower may NOT be substituted. You MUST use a bathtub.

Begin at night, just before you got to bed.
Shed your clothing and enter the bathroom. Fill the bathtub with water and turn out the lights.
Climb into the tub and sit down facing the faucet and taps. Close your eyes and begin washing your hair.
As you wash your hair, repeat the words

“Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down.”

Do not stop repeating them until you have finished washing your hair. Do not open your eyes.
If you have performed this action correctly, you will gain a mental image of a Japanese woman standing in a bathtub. She will slip and fall, landing face first on a rusty tap and gouging her right eye out.
Should you hear any noise behind you or feel movement in the tub, do NOT turn around and do NOT open your eyes. Ask aloud,
“Why did you fall in the bathtub?”
Allow the question to hang in the air. Then, keeping your eyes shut, carefully stand up and get out of the tub. Do not trip and fall yourself, and do not drain the tub. Exit the bathroom, shutting the door behind you.
You may now open your eyes. Leave the bathroom as you left it (water in the tub and door shut) until morning.
The Main Event:
Awaken at your usual time. The game begins the moment you open your eyes.
Go about your day as normal. You will feel a constant presence behind you; it is likely that, should you turn to look, you will see nothing. However, glancing over your right shoulder may occasionally reveal a glimpse of her. Her hair will be black and tangled, and she will have only one eye.
She will attempt to get closer and closer to you as the day goes on. Should you spot her and find that she is too close for comfort, shout




and run away. The idea is to put some distance between you and her; do NOT allow her to catch you.
The Ending:
Capture her in your gaze by looking over your right shoulder.
Shout “Kitta!” or “I cut you loose!” while swinging your arm down in a chopping motion. If you have performed this action correctly, a winning condition will have been achieved and the game will be over.
If you have NOT performed this action correctly, keep running.
Additional Notes:
She is fond of water and dark spaces; as such, it is recommended that you avoid immersing yourself in or crossing running water, as well as traversing dark spaces, until the conclusion of the game.

Use the


command sparingly. Each time you use it, the amount of time for which it will stall her will diminish. Use it only when absolutely necessary.
The ending MUST be performed before midnight. Failing to do so will grant her permission to enter your dreams. Do NOT allow her to do this. Additionally, performing the ending is not as easy as it seems. If she suspects you are about to try to end the game, she may hide. You MUST have her in your sights when you perform the


Concerning Second Attempts:
It is NOT recommended that you play this game more than once. Should you play it a second time, she will begin in the same position she was in at the conclusion of the previous game. This will not provide adequate distance to escape her.

Do NOT let her catch you, or else:

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